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Ours farms are located in the Sabana of Bogotá where the climate provides the perfect growing conditions with long hours of sunlight. We have 35 planted hectares of Roses (10), Carnations (17) and  Mini Carnations (8).

More than 700 people work at Flores Aurora to assure the final consumer receives flowers of good quality and freshness for a long lasting vase life. The harvesting, along with grading process and packing is carried out with care and professionalism by our qualified personnel.

Our main concern is the well being of our personnel. We therefore, seek to improve their standard of living by offering them permanent social and medical care services.

Along with FlorVerde certification, a social and environmental program, we are working together to reduce the use of energy, water and chemical substances in all flowers in order to prevent alterations in the  ecological environment. Taking care of pest control, organic composting and recycling. As Well as the human health, child care, training and family assistant.


- Exploration of new possibilities in our quest to satisfy all market tastes. Treating every flower we grow with skill and loving care. ​


- Our marketing group is able to meet any packaging demand, with a guarantee of delivering all around the world. Just let us know what you need, our commitment is to you. ​


- Our technical group is constantly searching for new and better methods of growing and harvesting, making sure the highest standards in quality flowers.

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